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              Jayme Beck

Jayme Bolkovac was born on November 30, 1979 and currently lives in Western PA. Her regular racing schedule includes racing at Jennerstown Speedway, located in Western  Pennsylvania and various other tracks in the ARCA RE/MAX racing series, throughout the United States. She has driven ASA national tour, and currently drives Super Late Models in western Pennsylvania.


Jayme has been around racing all of her life. When she was 2 years old she was going to the racetrack with her parents watching the racecars. As she grew older, people who came to the races would ask her what she was going to do when she grew up? The answer always was   “I’m going to be a racecar driver!” When she became a little older, her parents would take her


and her brother to the rental go-karts tracks and we would race against each other. She showed talent when she was 10 years old beating both her mother and father at the racetracks. On her 12th birthday, her father Jon asked her if she would like to race go-karts. The first thing she said was “When do we start?” The very next week her Dad purchased her a racing go-kart. “Within the next couple of days we called around to see if we could rent a go-kart track. The only track that we could go to was about 3 hours away in Ohio. Mind you it was winter outside. We arrived there and it started to snow, but that didn’t stop her enthusiasm. Jayme wanted to go racing. We stayed on the track about 2 hours with her hands, nose, and ears nearly frozen, but we wanted to try our new toys”. Jayme even went to some big WKA races as far away as Bristol, Tennessee. At Indianapolis, Indiana she made the feature event and finished in the top 15 of all the racers. The race in Indiana was televised on ESPN2. After racing 4 years of karts, Jayme had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an Allison Legacy Race Car. The Legacy car is a three quarter scale tubular chassis like the Winston Cup cars and utilizes a Mazda B-2200 truck engine. This class is a spec-class and the cars have sealed motors making them very equal. Essentially, it is driver ability and chassis configuration that makes winners. These cars reach a speed of 85-90 miles per hour (mph) on a half mile track and reach a top speed in excess of 125 mph. With only 15 laps behind the wheel of the legacy car, Jayme showed a “no fear” attitude and was driving the legacy car with more talent than drivers whom had more than a year of experience in this class. At the end of race day, the drivers had a “Dash for Cash” competition. Jayme turned the 3rd fastest time out of the ten drivers. They quickly ordered a legacy car that afternoon. In 1997 she was the first female to compete in the Allison Legacy Division. After Jayme made a few rookie mistakes (bumping and rubbing) the car, she quickly became comfortable with this racecar and was a true competitor finishing in the top ten each night. Overall, she finished 7th in the point standings for the first year and was off to great start.  In 1998, JB Motorsports wanted a more challenging schedule, and decided to run for the National Touring Series. Jayme raced Northwest to Michigan, and raced along the East Coast and as far South as Alabama. She finished 8th in point standings within the National Touring Series. In 1999, Jayme got the opportunity of a lifetime to race a ASA (American Speed Association) race car. Her debut race was at Nashville, Tennessee. She was the 5th woman to try ASA racing and the 4th  woman to ever qualify. During her debut race, she was 26th out of 36 cars with such great drivers including Gary St. Amant, Mike Miller, Kevin Cywinski, and Jimmy Johnson. This race was featured on TNN and after 85 laps she moved to 11th place. Unfortunately, during her debut race she got spun out by another competitor and backed the car into the wall bending the rear clip and finished her ASA debut evening. After qualifying for 2 more races, she ran out to funds to continue in such elite racing series. Jayme won her first Legacy feature event on August 28, 1999.

In 2000, Jayme stepped up to Late Model Racing. JB Motorsports purchased a Hamke Race Chassis, and she was the 1st Female to race the Premiere Late Model division at Jennerstown, and Motordrome Speedways. Jayme won the 2000 "Rookie of the Year" at Jennerstown and Motordrome speedways in the Late Model division. She became the first female to win Allison Legacy 2000 Regional Championship.

In 2001, Jayme became a repeat winner in the Allison Legacy Series winning the regional title again. Jayme also became the first female in the history of Motordrome Speedway to win a Late Model Feature event.

In 2002, Jayme raced Late Model at Jennerstown Speedway finishing 9th in the point standings.

In 2003, Jayme raced her legacy car at Lake Erie Speedway finishing 2nd in the point standings. She completed double duty racing at Jennerstown Speedway finishing 2nd in the Allison Legacy Series and finishing 6th in point standings in the Late Model Division. 

In 2004, Jayme raced ASA (American Speed Association) National Tour. She had the opportunity to race at the beautiful 1.5 Mile Kentucky Super Speedway and the fast Lowes Motor Speedway. Jayme also raced at Lake Erie Speedway finishing 2nd Place in the points standings for 2004. Jayme raced a limited schedule at Jennerstown Speedway due to the ASA schedule and she finished 11th in the Super Late Model and was 9th in the Allison Legacy Series. 

Jayme was recently married to Thomas Beck in October 2004. Jayme's proper married name is Jayme Beck. 

Driver Jayme Beck
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